Wireless Internet

Wireless Overview

Wireless Overview Drawing Wireless Internet is one of several options consumers and businesses can choose from for Broadband Internet Service. Wireless eliminates the need for telephone service or utility cable lines to access the Internet.

The Computer Works has several towers which send out a signal, much like cell phone towers. We install a receiver on your home or business to receive that signal. A cable is then run to your computer. If you would like multiple computers or laptops in your home to use the same signal, we can make it happen. The router can send the signal to the various computers, making your home or office truly wireless! The Computer Works stocks all of the needed equipment.

With wireless, you can talk on the telephone and surf the Internet at the same time. With speeds up to 12 Mbps, Internet access is just a click away.

We provide the knowledge and know-how to keep your wireless Internet access service running and to ensure that you have the fastest connection possible. Wireless technology provides a low-cost, fast, and secure way for you to connect to information sources around the world.

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Wireless Internet Benefits
  • Fast Access - Wireless allows you to access the Internet up to 100 times faster than a standard dial-up modem. Web sites will appear faster, especially those with multiple graphic images.

  • Always On - Wireless is a dedicated service - no need to dial-up to connect to the Internet. No sudden disconnections and no more re dialing when trying to connect.

  • Talk & Surf at the same time - With Wireless, you can talk on your phone and use the Internet at the same time! No need to even have a home phone.

  • Affordable. No hidden fees. - A high-speed, dedicated Internet connection is no longer too expensive for the small business or residential customer. Customers can get T-1 performance for a fraction of the cost. There are no hidden fees or taxes.

  • Local Support - As with all services you receive from The Computer Works, we have local qualified technicians to help you with your internet connections, questions and general troubleshooting. The Computer Works is 100% locally owned and operated by a staff that takes great pride in providing you the best internet service available.

  • Complete Solution for businesses - Now everyone in your business can realize incredibly fast, full-time Internet connectivity by sharing one Wireless connection among any number of computers in your office, (may require additional equipment).

Coverage Area

Our existing wireless service areas in Arkansas are shown on the map below in red.
Depending on your connection, it may take a few seconds to load.

Note:  Coverage map does not guarantee service. A site survey must
be done to determine if signal is available at your location.

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